I felt unfelt;
My world’s unheard.
That embraced, beset me.

Stoical flow the life is;
A shoreless sea.
Water is water;
Be wavery or plane.

Why plaint,
On the surrounding sea?
Why plaint again,
If only desert is seen?

Time is a river.
Dip, sip, hit the water;
You are fooled.

Life is a diabolic vortex;
Amazing mazes.
Tunes are to seduce you,
A superfluous being.

If you hesitate,
Then you are near to cry.
If you make water,
The water turns into cry.

The life is stoic;
It unfeels, uncries.
I am Stoïc,
Unfelt, but not cried.

Benyamin Bensalah


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