The Scroll of a Troll

For the most of you, it doesn’t count –
The moment I made my first account
To a virtual world where I’ve been raised,
Enjoying how I was, by others, well-amazed.

Cool avatars and witty comments –
I do remember of those epic moments
In which, I got hundreds’ approving likes,
And rivals’ hateful, yielding, so sad dislikes.

It was me versus the world as usual –
Others judged me for I was perceptual
With the odds, the first time, on my favor,
Pawning all those hater, rager, blamer, raver.

I’ve become an undjudgeable judge –
A faceless ghost none could prejudge
I was, evil like a Sith and cool as a Jedi,
Leading the top tens and all my fellow ally.

Tho, for the most of you, it’s not a matter –
I’m just a toxic troll, a churlish chatter
Who’s as miserable as in real life,
Trying to virtually get a new life.

Just like one of the story of Marvel,
I’ve raised up in the middle of nowhere –
No one could forsee in the comments below
The advent of the cool and smartass Eskemo.

Even the name itself has held a riddle,
For the dumb middle class, too theoretical –
Eskemo is an ex-emo with cold nature on the world
While, at the same time, with enough fun to play word by word.

My avatar used to be Yagami Light,
Gently sending ignorants to benight –
Name by name, I fulfilled my Death Note
With taking dumb commenters to demote.

In my first home – The Demotivator,
I’ve become a highly outstanding leader –
People came to see me instead of the posts
Which just served me with fuel for my roasts.

I was starting and ending flamewars,
The cause, others’s lame reasoning, was –
I just said how stupid it was from my side
That, later, the viewers’ likes had to decide.

Those whom I roasted asked me less gently
Why I was such a jerk even if intelligently,
But the answer was just as in real life’s –
This is how I realise.

Away from the keyboard, I’ve been unbearable
Because my reasoning was so insensible,
Being an observing social element –
Without any sentiment.

But it has changed in front of the keyboard
Where social acts could be ignored,
Saying only the real facts –
Without aftereffects.

This is why, even if my saying was hurting
For those for whom reality is disturbing,
People started to like me –
For saying what I see.

Hence, I’ve found that virtual defence
Of saying freely my common sense,
I’ve had become Odysseus –
Fighting Captain Obvious.

I have become an emblem like Batman,
Fighting intolerant women and men –
The visitors oppressed by guano
Just have to cry up: “Where’s Eskemo?”

Joking all around like Joker,
I’ve condemned each excrete-poster –
By asking “WHAT IS THIS? What is that?”
Then, receiving “Yo momma’s so fat..”

I triggered the virtual freedom’s abusers,
But said: “This is my world, losers.” –
“My jokes are serious and black
No chance to take them back.”

For what I stated, I might have been hated,
But the friendship I made cannot be moderated –
Our community was beyond virtuality
That fought the net’s morality.

Oh, those flame wars below the comments,
Type by type my dear fellow wo and men’s –
I did make a cozy home there,
Idyll and bloody like the stories of Homer.

I’m just a troll and it’s just my scroll –
I have a wit that’s out of control
As online as in reality,
I’m the opposite of triviality.

Jokes and roasting are my clothes –
What’s in my mind no one knows
Since I am a reactor run by issues,
Producing the smartest clues.

I’m a clown at the same time –
For entertainment, I commit the crime
Of sarcasming and pejorisming,
Hoping that a better generation’s rising.

I’m a hero, a comment hussar –
By good reason I’m a user
For if I can’t change the real world,
I try to change the world can be surfed.

The doctors had no scroll-
I treat myself as a troll
With being part of the best community,
Living with any joke opportunity.

Benyamin Bensalah


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