Fragments of Irreality

I’m short of feelings and reasons to live,
Like a sort of puppet in a grotesque show –

I’m like a sort of rejected stupid puppy
Who doesn’t know why and how he’s alone –

You, even by passing by me, are guilty,
For having left me, after giving me hope –

How cruel, seeing a condemned to death,
Passing by him, not even saying him Hello –

But blimey! I’m not blaming, but me,
Who other could be guilty for being me –

Indeed, I owe you to thank you,
For giving a last sweet illusion to me –

To a puppy who’s empty of envy,
Having no breed, nor greed; full freed –

I’m a sort of shameless liar,
Who plays that he lives day to day –

But I’m short of any lie when I say,
I loved seeing you passing by the way.

Benyamin Bensalah


6 thoughts on “Fragments of Irreality

  1. I noticed some of your poems were written a couple years ago. Do you still have the feelings of gloom and disappointment all the time … You seem stuck in this hole. I hope your reality is really not all doom and gloom.

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    1. Thank you for noticing it and for your wish. Actually, it’s been more than a decade that I am like this since my childhood. I’ve got diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder that doesn’t add too much more to my life. I tried a couple of time changing, or socializing, but these things are doomed as you said. I’m quite funny and enjoyable, only my feelings are gloomed, so it’s fine.

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      1. Okay… That’s good you’re funny. I like to think I’m funny as well, eventhough I write about pain or hurt from time to time. I was just concern that I didn’t see much break in the doom and gloom in your writing. On a positive note you’re a lovely writer 🙂 .

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      2. Thank you so much. Your words are really kind. Yeah, I got accommodated so much with loneliness, getting along with people causes problems to everyone. Haha. By the way, I tried to contact you before through your blog (I don’t know if you’ve got the message or not), I wished to know you a little much better since I like your style of writing. If you’re okay with that, tell me. ☺️

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