The mad race

My muscles are tied to two wild horses,
The Morning and the Night,
The lines are held by the work I’m doing,
And the wipes by the time.

The days are yielding to their courses,
Absorbing my might,
The fatigue obliterates what I’m doing,
Any good thing or crime.

The only clean things are these morses,
Crying s.o.s. in the fight,
But the horses are just pursuing,
They listen to no rhyme.

Benyamin Bensalah


4 thoughts on “The mad race

  1. “Crying s.o.s. in the fight”
    Sometimes we have to turn inward to find the help we need. Seeking a saviour in others only leave to more emptiness and aloneness. If we can find away to feel full within ourselves and happy, then others will gravitate towards you. You may even turn others away because you get overwhelmed by the attention, and need your alone time.

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    1. Well, if you ask me, society is “neither with nor without” thing. Despite of that it is a must to get along with people, we cannot just achieve self-esteem alone because we ourselves and imagine ourselves through other’s eyes intentionally or unconsciously. Also, as it’s said in the Into the Wild movie, happiness is real only when shared. We cannot just REALLY good without people; however, I cannot just be fine with people either because responsibilities would face my recklessness, social acts would face my functionalist weird style and reality would face my realities. No one had that patience to get along with me and give me the support I never and, especially not me. Haha. But days still go.

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      1. “No one had that patience to get along with me and give me the support” Benya, you get that support soon… Just be a little more patient. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel 😉❤️

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