Just a girl

I’m ravished.
By a fairy creature,
By her hair’s beaconly feature;
On her shoulders, wavery lianes,
Beautiful obsidians.
I’m ravished.
By a star-eyed pixie,
By those eyes’ divine fancy;
Into a cell grabbed and walled,
Sparkling emerald.
I’m ravished.
By Snow White’s ideal,
By her cheeks smooth reel;
On her lips crimson burns reddy,
Sensual ruby.
I’m ravished.
By the dress of dark nights,
By her lightsome body’s sights;
That I would like to eat-devour,
Sweet amour.
I’m ravished.
By a humble girl,
By her plaint for an earl;
I’d attest to guard her for free,
But who would save her from me?
I would ravish her.

Benyamin Bensalah

Translated from my Hungarian poem, “Csak egy lány” (2007).


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