A girl on the bus

Despite of the hard matter of fact how empty I was,
Concerning all the suicidal feelings of nonsenseness
In a day that really has held me nothing about my future,
I’ve changed as if by a quick hush-and-pick magic wand,
By seeing a girl nothing particularly interesting in her,
But she changed me, my view, the structure of my mind,
All my world, all my problems, all that I have and hadn’t changed,
Changed, sublimated, stopped being and all renewed.

She and I changed our eyes, By what we changed our souls,
As if thousands of jokes were done, our eyes were laughing;
We appreciated each others by the science of love
That uses the environment as a strange ocean
In which we were the only humans floating, seeing each other,
Seeing and appreciating our styles that held nothing,
Nothing in special, but in a whole the fragments
Of music, culture and sophisticated manners
Built a bubble between her, me and the crowd.

She was so closed to the outside world and so open to mine,
My world that has just got destroyed and renewed,
Making me a new man, a curious man: What was that world about?
I’ve fallen in love as she did and I’ve become a Shakespeare again,
A Shakespeare who could do anything for his love,
I started thinking on the compliments not yet prepared
And building the world in her new blue colours,
Thinking of throwing myself into insane actions
That surely, surely would impress her – our new world,
But then she disappeared and I didn’t fall back.

Surprisingly, I didn’t fall back to my old world,
Having a girlfriend with thousands of problems,
But I have stayed in that new world alone with a smile,
With a smile that describes that yes there is hope:
You are still able to be a Shakespeare and yes,
I fell in love blindly, only with a mass of flesh and,
And some sophisticated compartment beside her langauge,
Langauge and langauges, the polyglotting that turns me on,
Yes, I am still able to get turned on, and I’m  happy.
Happy in that new-old world that holds no changes,
But still everything is seen in it so different…
Welcome, being the most intelligent creation with the most stupid mind.

Benyamin Bensalah


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