Almost dead poets

If there’s a poet you know, and still alive;
Please, tell him your appreciation,
Tell her how she does matter,
Tell him he means a lot
We, poets, don’t see behind the dot;
We feel a lot, write some out,
Then, we think, sometimes,
That we’ve done nothing.
That’s why,
Please, if there’s a poet… you know…
Tell him, tell her your appreciation
Because… it does matter,
You know…

Benyamin Bensalah


6 thoughts on “Almost dead poets

  1. Thank you for your nice words. Well, every era had good and bad against poetry; love of nature became pagan witchcraft, love of Noble heroes became heresy against God, triumph for God became the oppression of free mind, and now poetic lines have become outdated to music, slampoetry and other entertainments. Do you see what is the common factor in all these? Poetry is art, and it is part of our human-being from the very beginning; poetry dies out with mankind and vice versa. 🤗🤗🤗

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