Bye Bingo

My cat rests in peace now, no more meow…

No more meow in the morning,
At noon when it’s boring,
Stopping my afternoon snoring,
Nights with its purring.

I wish I had some time with him for last…

Giving him my sandwich he asked,
My bed at its vast,
Watching him in the weather forecast,
Seeing him again in the past.

I wish to recause all the pain I might cause…

Not shouting at him with claws in my leg,
After eating, still keeping to beg,
Pushing me away coz he feels swag,
Leaving indoor his crap-tag.

I just want him back…

Benyamin Bensalah


15 thoughts on “Bye Bingo

    1. Thank you for your grief. As Princess Carolyn (the cat manager) said in Bojack show: “Good ones leave too soon, bad ones never go away.” We’re less with a pure little soul.

      It hurts me that I was traveling while he was just poisoned. Animals are walking on two legs; there’s no hope to help on this. 😔

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      1. He must have been a handsome mate. ☺️
        That three names thing is too awesome, as if living in The Cats Musical. 😅

        After my first cat’s death who was like my mother, I decided to never get sad about pets, but Bingo left in a sudden. 🙄


  1. I’m sorry you lost Bingo. I love my cat so much, and she’s getting older. I don’t want to lose her either but such is life. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Bingo was lucky to have such a caring friend. Rest in peace Bingo

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