A decade prolongation

I am hearing
about suicidal feeling
from every corner,
people living on the border
of living and dead
being depressed.

I am also seeing
people monthly leaving,
but never disappearing
in suicide attempts.

I guess I’m not healing,
but I don’t get the feeling
of regularly trying to kill
the self.

I – once I tried it,
more than a decade behind it,
and I never tried it

when I tried it,
I was serious about it,
and I already died in it
and I cannot be revived

Benyamin Bensalah


6 thoughts on “A decade prolongation

  1. Sorry to hear . I don’t know what to say, eons ago I was in a similar position. I was grieving the loss of a romantic relationship that went moot. My hopes and life were in that relationship and when it ended . It seemed my life stopped. After years of grieving , and being unhappy I decided to not get myself back into a situation like that anymore. I learned to love myself more than anyone or anything . I found my life is more important to me than anything else because we only get one. And I was determined to make the most of it. Love yourself , heal..

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    1. Life is like that. I am happy you’re having a healthful imagine of your life, and that you stay strong. Dunno, how much you got my poem, but I don’t feel anyhow and I see no heal from just being me – on my poem, I hate the ticket of suicide as called “crying for help”. There’s no help unless you make one, like you did. You live your life as you chose, with the chosen reality you accept. Concerning the circumstances around me, I couldn’t choose not to be miserable, but I could choose to live it as common, neutral. I’m okay with it, and I’m not planning to end my life – it ends itself any way, I let it to be. I’m greatful for you comment and sharing your thoughts and care. ❣️

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