To my bulletproof face

Yes, I am depressed and I wear a smile,
Yes, I show my ugliness after a while,
Yes, I change my tones with everyone,
Yes, I am the ugly one.

Yes, I’ve changed my beliefs time to time,
Yes, I change my poems for a rhyme,
Yes, I’m doubtful and play narcissistic,
Yes, I am not artistic.

Yes, I’m a trash and I keep judging,
Yes, I hate myself and want loving,
Yes, I can’t stop thinking about sex,
Yes, I ruined every of my ex.

Yes, I’m active just because I’m bored,
Yes, I want my ego to be adored,
Yes, I am a mestizo and still racist,
Yes, I am a masochist.

Yes, I am all of these above,
Yes, I merit no sympathy nor love,
Yes, because I’m a hypocrite,
Yes, I am about to quit.

Benyamin Bensalah


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