Black Remembrance

For remembrance of my grandma’s dog,
A black creature of a green garden-
In which he played as a living black spot,
Till… May God have on him pardon.

Before the day, he used to be nice-
His black face- black hair and a red mouth,
A black jungle used to disguise his eyes,
While he was still playing around the house.

That day, the colour of his hair dropped-
Dark ink splashed on his little soul,
Maybe, he smelt the coming death knocked,
Asking him to leave his bowl.

I understood nothing what happened,
He dragged himself to the shade of the trees’-
Yesterday, he had been present,
Then, I felt his absence as he.. he leaves.

I was angry on him for being in the shade-
I approached him, he growled,
The whitest teeth made me evade,
The next day, he bowed out.

I understood nothing, till now,
Why he disguised his dark face of me-
Why he hid himself under sorrow,
And why he, why he growled at me.

May God pardon my anger on him that day,
May God have mercy on that soul-
Leaving me, as I am leaving today,
May God pardon me in the shade of sorrow.

Benyamin Bensalah


5 thoughts on “Black Remembrance

    1. Such creatures enjoying existence and accompanying us may be worse to lose than humans who suffer and we can say “rest in peace”… Pets should rest with us. 😔


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