The Mirror of Tolerance

Once upon a time, before a magic mirror,
(Shortens the giants and makes the dwarves bigger.)
It happened to have met a giant and a dwarf,
Standing there wondered on the mirror’s polymorph:

The giant and the dwarf stood there face to face,
Barely believing how they share the same race;
The same roundish hairy head with two ears and eyes,
The same ten fingers, shaking their hands like allies.

The charm showed them things being invisible;
With a giant heart everything’s feasible,
Also, a dwarfish good deed may be source of much good;
It was the mirror of tolerance where they stood.

The mirror of tolerance is our pillar,
The mirror that’s born with every cre’ature;
Making seeing the human humane, the dwarf dwarfe,
Then, accepting their features without polymorph

Benyamin Bensalah


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