Woe-woe, happiness! Go!

Woe, happiness! It’s too much. Go!
Oh happiness, I aim you with quarel!
Oh, delight and joy! Please, go away!
Cease the condemned amusement!
Cease the pressing pleasure!
Cease them all, before I die.

Hear my voice, chocked by laughter.
Look, my smile is tearing my face!
Look at my crow’s-foot from joy.
Look at my eyes crying in joy.
My joyful life I enjoy!
You are killing me.
Leave me alone!

I’m tired to get rid of you, happiness.
Curse on all your jiggles and giggles!
Curse on your constant presence!
Curse on you and woe!
I am playing knowing you not, rather.
Who are you happiness?
I don’t know.

Benyamin Bensalah


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