Cat in the box

Cornered by this ill-fate ordered,
but there must exist an alternate ending,
not scorched-land bordered;
the thoughts are so vain, but somehow mending…

Benyamin Bensalah


5 thoughts on “Cat in the box

      1. hehe 🤗 my current favourite pocket poet inspires me to write again,
        in my own curious little off-beat style… Last night i was listening to some chill music, and a bit of it reminded me of a forgotten feeling, i used to have through childhood and in my first loves… an ‘immortality’, a boldness. i felt a sudden impulse to breathe it out, to re-experience the sweet memory… check out my clumsy attempt to capture it:

        « LONGÉVITÉS 2010

        Quand je marche dans Montréal
        pour toi
        sans personne et
        sans danger la nuit
        toujours la chaleur douce la nuit
        sans limite que
        le béton tranquille,

        rien n’a changé
        mille nuits et mille pas silencieux sont
        la vie,
        boucheries et scriptures stériles sont
        pour toi je dors
        accotée, pour toi je
        suis remplie de moi sans faim
        ni appâts,

        si nue.
        secrètement je sommeille au
        fond du papier
        joyeux et dense comme la vie qui
        n’a jamais connu la mort,
        car la mort ne viendra jamais.~

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      2. Wow. 😍

        It’s amazing! I’m so happy to fill such use as an inspiration for you. :3

        The poem is full of little-detail feelings that are my favorites. En particulier, j’aime l’expression de “n’a jamais connu la mort, car la mort ne viendra jamais” – you went full Godot. 😀

        Encore! :3

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  1. omg i can’t believe u liked it that much!🥰

    i was just capturing a memory 🙂 trying to seduce myself into re-experiencing the enveloping feeling.

    lol i like how you said i ‘went full Godot’, dunno much about him yet, but my expressiveness did get compared to him and to Proust by some adolescence friends. hehe fun memories!

    yes you definitely fill a use as an inspiration for me haha IM USING YOU.

    no but seriously i DIG your style & your dedication to the art, which of course inspires anyone who is technically an amateur at it. * fangirling intensifies *

    and i warn you, if u ask for ‘Encore’: Careful what you wish for.😎

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