Chef’s Kiss

Enjoy your Happy Meal –
and remember: it’s Happy;
it was cheap and near,
fitting the mouth and belly,
a toy for the family-feel;
why would it be crappy?

Benyamin Bensalah


11 thoughts on “Chef’s Kiss

  1. Because it’s crappy ingredients? But I was thinking the Gange river today. People believe it has mystical and healing properties but it is heavily polluted. It’s like walking over coals.

    If we are of strong enough convictions why can’t it be mind over matter? Sadly most of us are not there though. So yea. Mcdonald’s, although truthfully I had some today, is crappy food.

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    1. It’s good at a time, I won’t lie, but grounding a life on it… You know this proverb: “You are what you ate.” – and that’s a pretty junk food without essential ingredients as you said.


      1. It is nice to indulge once in a while. But I’m looking forward to the day my pallet changes so much I actually don’t like it anymore. That’s a slow process.

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      2. I barely eat anything, anyhow – I can cook, but I won’t cook to myself, I don’t deserve it and it doesn’t please me alone. So, I just keep randomly judging other cuisines. 🤡


      3. Yes. Don’t you think? You judge other people’s eating habits when you have such poor ones. That’s funny. (To me at least).

        I get it though. I love cooking for my family, my kids, husband when I had one. I love hosting family gatherings. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it centers around being grateful, good food and family/friends sharing a communal meal.

        It’s hard to find the incentive to cook for just myself. Even though I know it’s cheaper, better for me and I deserve to have home cooked meals.

        So I so understand. It’s easier to judge people than to get our own shit together.

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