Pocket bard

It’s neither my pleasure, nor my style,
but I’ve been drinking for a while.
We already know it why:
some nights are just too heavy being dry.

I had been suffering and crying
even before alcoholic supplying,
but since I have it
I say: freck it.

I’m not looking for acceptance;
I hate myself even in this stance,
but surely I am passing time,
and I find words for my rhyme.

My dear Lord, Dionysus,
is tottaly not like Jesus;
he lets me do my own sacrifice,
and eases me directly by the price.

How should I thank him more
than just live and drink a bit more?
Life is hard even as a drunkard,
but it’s the life of a pocket bard.

Benyamin Bensalah


13 thoughts on “Pocket bard

      1. I’m always pleased with poetry recommendations. I liked it: however, I don’t share the philosophy. I beleive in no soul. The brain and the whole universe is just a system of mechanism – we are no more than preprogrammed surviving cells with some schemata of experience in order to survive. Being burnt by fire makes us to avoid it; being scorched by the world.. makes us to fear every corner of it.


  1. What’s a pocket bard?

    I have an addictive personality too. I use to use alcohol as a crutch. Then sex. Then gambling. Now I’m trying to move it to both spirituality and exercise. Not quite the same as the other addictions, but healthier addictions. Old age has taught me a few things I guess. That and I killed my liver.

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