Firestorm and Rays

I woke up this morning to my half world is in ashes,
I took my first step in the burning embers -my room crashes,
The cinder was sitting with a heavy burden in my eyelashes.

I wanted to open the door of the ex-house I remembered,
Now, my home is just sounds of clashes – everything is emeber’d.
Oh! The world is over, by which once I was sheltered.

Outside, a tempestous firestorm cut the ways…
Oh, God! A burning maze that eats the one who stays…
Oh, God! I am in your hands, then show me your rays.

Benyamin Bensalah


What a name!

I’ve just re-watched Bojack

Depressive Self-Destructive
Masochistic Nihilistic
Masturbating Self-Pitying
Narcissistic Melancholic
Self-loathing Self-Denying
Psychotic Alcoholic
Disassociated Self-tormented
Satirical Bipolar
Disrepair Self-aware
Loveless Hopeless
Self-Fooled Anxiety-Fueled
Absurdist Escapist
Avoidant Angst-ridden
Pointless Reckless
Mood swinging Thinking
Delusional Obsessional
Fulfilled with emptiness

Horseman with whom
I can totally associate,
For having a similar base.
Still, my favorite lines are
From a talking cat:
My name is Meow-Meow Fuzzyface“.

Benyamin Bensalah