The pit

It’s a great pain, but I merit
Because I’m a man who said it,
So, if I said it to merit, let me get it,
All of it:
The pit
Without exit
Dark, not lit
Tight, but fit
Just sit
In it
Don’t omit
Just sit
In it
In the pit
That you merit
As you said it
So you have it
The pit
In it
Your shit
You’ve done it
You merit
And to quit
Just re-commit
In the pit
Before a visit
That gets you out of it
Just to give you a hit
Next to it
Back to it
Giving you the credit
That you do merit
And you belong to it
The pit
As habitat and habit
And to commit
Back in it
Till you quit
Because it is it
What you merit
Stay down in it
Till you say it
And believe it
That you merit
The pit.

Benyamin Bensalah


Vive Viva

My master thesis, a hypothesis, aimed the connection of French and English,
Two close languages to my tongue;
“How come students are not learning English, rather they rely on speaking Frenglish:
Is that the influence of their mother tongue”?

I started reading the clumsy leading towards cross linguistic literature –
Saying proudly that it was long.
Consequently, I tended gently to test French students’ adventure:
What language do they belong?

The results showed me that there was a lack of learning English,
Relying too much on the royal French;
Students hated learning a language that’s gibberish,
Compared to the Romance branch.

Errors were made like they are likely saying to “attend a baby”,
Or “take a coffee” to their mouth;
French and English can be a source of hard joking maybe,
For it’s funny when we try to speak both.

Since le problème is still itchy ici, Frenglish spoken,
As teachers what should we do?
Let’s remind that French is just a Latin broken,
So, say learn English or you’ll be broken too.

Benyamin Bensalah


Depressive creativity

-What do you mean by depressive creativity?
*Let me chant you its syndromes.

*My lung is breathless,
*My chest is breastless,
*The beats of my heart are weak.

*My eye is lifeless,
*My time is sightless,
*The people around me are so bleak.

*My life is worthless,
*My mouth is wordless,
*The beasts of mine make me a freak.

*My tongue is wordless,
*My words are worthless,
*The beast, I am, has no one to speak.

-It’s creative indeed!
*Thank you, it was good to talk.

Benyamin Bensalah