A memorable moment

I’ve just arrived to a memorable moment in my life –
Life, here, is not a period as mortals call their lifespan,
But rather, it is the shore of the course of knowledge –
To ask either heart-lessly or -fully: What is the virtue of life?

I’ve been not supposed to count the long steps
That I had already made next to that rich but capricious river,
That has made me ask questions after questions
Till now, when, it’s made me ask about me, how I’ve arrived thither.

Its query has come with a light breeze on my hands,
Creating tornadoes, twisters and hurricanes somewhere else;
As if it asked only a word: “How come you don’t care,
Then, you care about my moments more than anybody else?”

I knelt on the golden shore, looking deeply into the water:
I knelt at that concrete part of life as a few thousands had done before me,
Then, I read out the most conclusive words before we’d proceed:
Virtues: Live Long The Moment, Meet Death While You Are You, You Before Me.

Pulling my face out of the stream of thoughts hurt –
As if the whole universe has been amputated out of my soul,
Tho, hurtfully – thoughtfully, I knew that I have had to go:
I has been just Rousseau, Camus, Benyamin and a thoughtful dog on the shore.

Benyamin Bensalah


Wicked life story

At the last moment, every creature tries to break up towards the light when the last breath is about to say hello to the darkness… That is the monster, what others know hope.

Me: I did love you.

You don’t love me anymore?!

Me: You don’t believe in love. I shouldn’t love you. Doubts kill me. While…

…I love you.

Me: Me too.

Benyamin Bensalah


You know me

I make you forget everything on the world,
Even the world you used to know,
I change, modify it no one will recognize,
Because I know how to do.

I make you forget your cats, your parents,
Even paternal yelling used to be heard,
I mute, paraIyze it into wind,
Because I know how to do.

I make you forget everybody, but one,
Even your own roles you used to play,
I complicate its easiest act,
Because I know how to do.

Forget.. And admire that only silouette,
Even if you loose your soul and mind,
You can live only in my rapture,
Because I am…

Benyamin Bensalah


And there rings the bell parallel

When you say Bleach,
I think of as beverage, just then the toonie,
When you say Blade,
I think of as hemorrhage, just then the movie,
When you say Shakespeare,
I think of as apothecary, just then a cool story,
When you say Monster,
I think of as people, just then a boogie,
When you say Something,
I think of as nothing, just then it’s me who’s moody
and you hold meanings of life
in every single made-up factors rather absurdly:
Rope, Hope, Stroke, Store, Strawberry!

Lone, Alone, Home Alone, Grown, Torn, Mourn –
I hold my meanings too
just like you
still living
rather absurdly.

Benyamin Bensalah


13 Reasons Why: I am only a human

I infiltrate your house only to fuck your wife
I get in to your company only to rob your bank account
I teach your children only to spoil their mind
I stay by aside you only to leave you alone
I get your trust only to betray you cheating
I get your secrets only to share all what you hide
I show you my good side only to pull you badly down
I remove my mask only to show you another
I make promises only to regret you called me a brother
I ruin only what is destroyable
I do all these only to say they don’t even bother
Then, when you try asking why, my only answer:  I don’t know
Because I am only a human; this what I was born for.

Benyamin Bensalah


The monster behind 04.26

My mother kept whispering sole conversations,
but it was me not talking to her instead;
my mother kept inside her emotions,
but it was me not making her express;
my mother burst out in crying-shouting,
but it was me who let her problems imbed;
my mother was whom I blamed for many things,
but it was me ruining her and my life instead;
my mother was fighting for me,
and it was me giving up instead;
my mother was the only who cared about me,
and it was me who turned passively careless;
my mother was who gave birth to me,
then it was me who never gave her a fine birthday bless.

In Memoriam of the great date of 04.26.1964.

Benyamin Bensalah


A man in shame

How to live as a whole again
after the shame?
How to think with pure heart again
after taking up the blame?
Destroying a pure world’s dignity
was never in my aim.
I don’t know who I am anymore
or to whom I may exclaim.
Thoughts of regret, repent, repair
are like my words, so vain.
I wish I could turn back time again
where I were never given name.

Benyamin Bensalah