Hero of the self

We live in the age of humane crisis;
No sense of discuss, but ambitious fuss,
No pious Christmas, but a furious mass,
Buy and sell, buy and sell living in a shell.

This time needs no heroes with clown clothes;
This time needs no one to contact with,
Don’t try to save someone who just hid,
Leave me alone, leave me alone.

The time silently yells for self-heroes;
They save inner-peace and solve situations,
They act mainstream, belonging to no nations,
Hiding behind music, hiding behind music.

Listen his style, his rage and his pop;
Be an idol like him; the coolest, most dominant,
Be like him, carelessly, your own gallant,
You’re the only one, you’re the only one.

Superman’s dead by his Bat colleague;
Flash has run out of time, space and physics,
No well marvel, no easy DC, no more comics,
Dude, save yourself. Save yourself.

Benyamin Bensalah