Probably somebody popped up in my mind

Probably somebody popped up in my mind –
Among all those possibilities
Out of the void,
Among all those responsibilities
I try to avoid,
There’s a beam of trust
That holds every doubtful thing as a whole,
That gives me and only me a role,
That keeps me human after all –
Monsters must or must not be alone –
Keeping you as my mortal and eternal goal.

Benyamin Bensalah


I promise

Send me a wave-
I will nod,
Say me a hi-
Truce of God!
Be friendly to me-
I won’t be rude,
Until you don’t break my rule:

“My world is one person,
One person is my world.”

I’ve got but one to accept flirt,
I’ve got but one to admit blirt,
I’ve got but one to write true lines,
I’ve got but one to hold my rhymes.

I’ve got only one to hearten my mind,
The others may die, I don’t mind.

No person can dirt in this lore,
No person can cause us sore,
No person, no, no alive;
They’ll be ignored and erased of life.

Benyamin Bensalah


Dedicated last hour

In the last hour, will I be less dour?
I’ve never been; in fact, I’ve been always keen
of knowledge and every passage,
trying to give a chance for each hopeful glance,
but in the last hour, everything ends.

It will be dour, but not because of the last hour.
Life always was an inner strife
from misery to misery;
to end it, doesn’t make me happy
just ready for the last hour.

In the last hour, something won’t be dour.
For once, I’ll have what everyone wants;
the loved one’s words in my ears
that will give reason to all my hours,
for what, I dedicate her my last hour.

“An eternity of gratitude
for breaking a little
my long solitude.”

Benyamin Bensalah


Lovely hatred

What could cause more hate
Than its old opposite, love;
No parents, no friends, none but the only one –
But what if one had only that one?
What if he had no world, but one that’s gone?

Time can cure a wound,
But not a complete world missing –
Days in silent relief without any belief,
Weeks in horrible macabre, keen and grief
Then, hatred – even eternity would seem brief.

Benyamin Bensalah


My country for a horse

My country for a horse, and my horse for a girl,
Bearing the manner of the dearest creature on Earth –
The deserts’ life-saving waters are for her,
Just to see her again,
The antidotes of all the diseases on Earth for her,
Just to hear her voice again.

Since there’s no countryside so pleasing as hers,
Since there’s no thing so appeasing as her daitiness –
The gallop of her mind and the bounces in her language,
I’m in an old senile love with her seasonal changes…
Even after her mysterious disappearance,
Maybe never coming back again, but I’m looking for her.

Benyamin Bensalah


Attila József : You made me a child

You made me a child. Vainly I was growing
thirty crying winters over the agony.
I can neither walk, nor I can sit around.
My limbs are dragging me, pushing toward you.

I hold you in my mouth, like a dog hold its puppy
and I’d like to flee from strangling.
The years that have been broken by my destiny,
are raining upon me in every moment.

Feed me, look – I’m hungry.  Cover me – I’m cold.
I’m stupid – give your mind to me.
Your absence is piercing me, like the wind through a household.
Tell me – There’s no reason to fear.

You looked at me and I dropped everything.
You listened to me and my voice got stuck.
Dare not to let me be so recklessly uncaring;
letting myself  live and die by myself amok!

My mother froze me out – I was on the doorstep –
I would hide inside me, I couldn’t tho –
beneath me stone and above me emptiness.
Oh, how I could sleep!  I’m rattling at you.

Many people live who are insensitive like me,
still, their eyes let tears out.
I love you very much, since even me
I could really love myself with you.

Benyamin Bensalah


Translated from the Hungarian poem of Attila József, “Gyermekké tettél(1936).