I’m always here

I know no limit for fun 😃

because I own no limit in pain; 😞

no matter I’ve done 🤷‍♂️

because I’m always punished by my brain, 😞

but all that I’ve gone 🤯

would be as much hard to explain 😞

like the pun 😃

why I was knot there that day. 🤷‍♂️

Benyamin Bensalah


When the tooth aches too

It started with a Monday morning
that could be skipped staying snoring,
but then things might’ve been better,
and I wouldn’t have turned to this letter.

My gloomy, grumpy morning face
was unknowingly drifting to a horrid fate,
accepting calls as a working routine
like a piece of meat in an evil cuisine.

With all my soul within me burning
my already doomed stance went to turning
to be gifted a tooth aching in my mouth
just when I thought I was already way south.

The pain tortured me, in and out,
feeling just as conscious to avoid blackout;
standing-sitting, standing-sitting
while the universe kept me hitting.

I checked dentists’ numbers on the Maps,
but they were shown so far on the apps;
it was late for me already pushing the shift,
so I rather jumped down from a cliff.

You might be asking: how’s this writing;
it was my last note of whining –
for me, suicide has never been a taboo,
especially when the tooth aches too.

Benyamin Bensalah


A mad elected

It happened to me,
That I set myself and sat,
at the TV, bully.
It was a man to get elected,
That man was Ted,
The redneck!
All my back erected,
I started to mec-mec,
Praying the old president:
Get back!
To my friend, I shouted:
Hey, lad!
You won’t believe that!
I see what happened, said.
Bring the meds, lad,
One of the mad had!
With my head red,
I became sad, sad.
Why it had happened, why?
Why you had to get me mad,
You mad, Ted, reply!!

Benyamin Bensalah


A foolish guy

Once I saw a foolish guy.
He was laughing up the sky,
Walking on a crowded street,
Dodging with a funny gait.

He was not giving a single damn,
Smiling, winking to every men,
Waving cheerfully with his hand,
Brighting as a burning brand.

What’s the wrong with this guy?
Saying everybody “hi!”?
Which drugs he was charmed by?
Why does he make me spy?

Others also might spot the lad,
Blushing into blaming red,
He worried not what face they had,
Just joyfully laughing at.

He flourished the street into bright,
Aside from the people’s fright,
I myself was by the fact surprised,
I myself approved and smiled.

Leaving norms, I forgot to be sad,
With a wide smile on my head,
Having the same look as he had,
People similarly saw me mad.

Sorry to say that the guy has gone,
I never forget what he’s done,
He taught me how to laugh for fun,
Sentencing myself into a pun.



Meow, it’s the new me now –
I’ll see – oh – you’ll see the new me now.
Don’t ask how, there’s no how-how,
But I’ll meow you my new tao:

Every day, there’s a new meowning,
I meow, making sure that it won’t be boring.
I uncurl myself and wash my whiskers,
Purring my soul with good whispers:

I’m so happy in this meowning,
Walking gently, and my fur is warming.
I’ll face the jungle with a tiger’s roar,
No one dares to ask what are my stripes for:

I bounce into the day like I am,
Proudly-loudly purring like a lion.
My mane is mine and the mane I am,
Being meowsome is my main domain:

I’m mild and kind like a kitten,
Even if it’s most of the time hidden.
Because I mind my own matter,
Avoiding the needless chatter:

I’m meowing since the meowning,
Just to break the ice of being boring.
If the boredom is still in my way,
I just gently paw away:

There’s no better escaper,
And there’s no fair enough keeper.
But, some warm holding hands
May fulfill my purre demands:

Rest and peace my life’s about,
If your place is not alike, rather let me out.
I’m faithed to live like a cat,
A natural aristocrat:

Tao is the only law with fun,
I roflmao all over where there’s sun.
Living all my nine lives in a row,
I’ve a cat-life, meow.

Benyamin Bensalah


A linguist defined

It’s a sinister linguistic diagnosis –
By a doctor, himself, suffering in psychosis,
Curing not even my own words my age utters,
Looking for people’s language patterns.

By a doctor if I ever could be called so –
Charlatan under the dungeon of an old chateau,
Describing – prescribing the spells on which others live,
Being a witch with only legerdemains to give.

Let’s call it a science above ethics –
A crazy scholar stuck in others’ pragmatics,
Judging the judge for his post-modern sanctions,
Blaming the youth for linguistic inventions.

A poor scholar of a doubtful school –
Who’s among normals simply called fool,
Deporting enchanted words out of simplicity,
Living in a new-modern antiquity.

Linguist I am, it’s my story –
I live in the prognosis of history,
Feeding myself with words others chanted,
Esteemed meanwhile horror haunted.

Benyamin Bensalah


What a name!

I’ve just re-watched Bojack

Depressive Self-Destructive
Masochistic Nihilistic
Masturbating Self-Pitying
Narcissistic Melancholic
Self-loathing Self-Denying
Psychotic Alcoholic
Disassociated Self-tormented
Satirical Bipolar
Disrepair Self-aware
Loveless Hopeless
Self-Fooled Anxiety-Fueled
Absurdist Escapist
Avoidant Angst-ridden
Pointless Reckless
Mood swinging Thinking
Delusional Obsessional
Fulfilled with emptiness

Horseman with whom
I can totally associate,
For having a similar base.
Still, my favorite lines are
From a talking cat:
My name is Meow-Meow Fuzzyface“.

Benyamin Bensalah


The pit

It’s a great pain, but I merit
Because I’m a man who said it,
So, if I said it to merit, let me get it,
All of it:
The pit
Without exit
Dark, not lit
Tight, but fit
Just sit
In it
Don’t omit
Just sit
In it
In the pit
That you merit
As you said it
So you have it
The pit
In it
Your shit
You’ve done it
You merit
And to quit
Just re-commit
In the pit
Before a visit
That gets you out of it
Just to give you a hit
Next to it
Back to it
Giving you the credit
That you do merit
And you belong to it
The pit
As habitat and habit
And to commit
Back in it
Till you quit
Because it is it
What you merit
Stay down in it
Till you say it
And believe it
That you merit
The pit.

Benyamin Bensalah